From Crey‘s files on the Paladins of the Night

Name:Sara McCallen
Power Source:Mutant
Known Powers:Weather control, darkness manipulation

We first became aware of Sara McCallen due to her membership in the supergroup Paladins of the Night; when members of the group started interfering in Crey activities we began to research its membership.

McCallen is close-lipped about her origins and there is little hard data is available. We know she is the daughter of a minor Irish mutant with similar powers; no information concerning the father is known but he may have been an adversary of the elder McCallen. Her mutation seems to have followed the course of her mother‘s, although in an unguarded moment we learned that her control of darkness was something of a surprise. Her recent development has leaned heavily toward weather control.

She possesses something of a flashy personality as well as a fierce temper, and likes to be in the middle of things. She is prone to emotional outbursts when she or her teammates are threatened; this may be an exploitable flaw although it should be noted that we believe she keeps a significant amount of power in reserve for such times. Despite these preledictions, she is surprisingly hard to detect until she wishes to be seen; a localized pressure drop is often the only indication of an impending assault.

She appears to conduct her activities using her legal name. We are searching records in Ireland for details on her mother, for possible leverage, but have been unable to locate her. She is quite fond of the night scene and can be found clubbing and dancing on nights when she is not out on patrol. This has caused her difficulties in the past, but the gang members have by and large learned that she is not to be trifled with and have stopped antagonizing her. This and her tendency to cause localized weather effects while dancing has led to a somewhat tense relationship with the local club owners, but since her star has risen the increased business has smoothed things over. The bouncers at the clubs she frequents by and large love her, as she makes herself available for medical assistance and for subduing superpowered troublemakers.

It is not entirely clear how she supports herself. She has a small apartment with few effects, none of them obviously useful for divining details of her past. She carries a locket around at all times which we believe contains pictures of her and her mother, but we have as yet been unable to examine the object.

We have had difficulty acquiring data regarding exact details of her powers due to poor visibility in combat and odd electrical effects shorting out our video cameras, and interviews with survivors of the assaults have been inconclusive. One such subject has developed a fear of open areas and becomes intensely paranoid whenever the wind picks up. As she has lately taken an interest in some of Crey‘s more covert activities we have gotten some more recent data suggesting that she is developing finer control over some kind of localized tornado.

A source of social leverage should she become too troublesome is her involvement with an underground fight club. The club is of dubious legality but in any case its activities appear to take place in some sort of extradimensional area, and it is doubtful any legal action can be brought; however the idea of one of their heroes socializing with the villains who regularly raid Paragon City banks could easily cause her serious problems. Since this is by and large the case for all participants, it has been difficult to acquire even the most rudimentary data on these clubs; we have submitted a request for the resources necessary to turn one of the participants, but this is still ongoing.